After taking a look at a Mint Green BMW Individual M4 Competition, I had the urge to jump on the BMW Individual configurator and play around, picking my perfect Bimmer. Of all the available BMWs to configure, the M3 Competition is my favorite, as neither the M2 CS nor M5 CS are options. While I don’t love the look of the M3 Comp, I adore the way it drives to the point where I’d very easily own one. I’m also a huge proponent of getting Individual colors, as they’re well worth the cost and make the ownership experience that much better.

So I figured, it’s Friday night, let’s have some fun on the configurator, build my perfect BMW M3 Competition, and see what other enthusiasts might build. So let’s jump in. The car I configured is in these photos.

When using the configurator, the first option you choose is the wheel choice. You can choose from any of the standard M3 wheels or three different specialty wheels. I chose the 19″ Style 963M Frozen Grey wheels. While I wanted the gold/bronze wheels, I wouldn’t want 20″ wheels, due to the slightly worsened ride quality. I also don’t love the design. I love the design of the 963Ms, so I’d just get them and paint them gold.

It was then onto the options. There are only two; standard seats or the M carbon buckets. there’s really only one choice there, right? M carbon buckets are the only way to go and anyone who tells you otherwise has no soul and cannot be trusted.

Next up comes the paint choice, which is the best part. I knew I wanted purple going in because I think purple is the best color for the new M3 Competition; it’s dark enough to hide a lot of the grille’s design but vibrant enough to be interesting. I went with Venetian Violet because it’s the perfect plum-colored purple I wanted. Also, it would look killer with gold 963M wheels.

To contrast, I chose the Silverstone leather option. It’s a bit boring but it works with the purple paint better than any other color. As for the interior trim, I chose dark open-port effect wood because carbon fiber is just fancy plastic and doesn’t belong inside of a car. There, I said it.

I did, however, add some carbon to the outside because that’s where it belongs and it also looks cool with the purple. I don’t care if that’s contradictory. Fight me. I picked the carbon fiber front splitter, carbon rear diffuser, and the carbon fiber tailpipes.

And that’s it, that’s my perfect BMW M3 Competition. A gorgeous shade of purple, great looking wheels (that would look better gold), and some carbon bits on the outside. If I could afford a BMW M3 Competition, that’s how it would look. What would your Individual BMW be?