The IAA auto show, which is normally hosted by Frankfurt when it takes place in Germany, will have a different location for 2021, as Munich steps up to the challenge. Since BMW is almost synonymous with the Bavarian city, its line-up and plans for the show have to match the expectations. Today, the blue and white roundel manufacturer confirmed its line-up for the event and it’s pretty obvious electric mobility is taking center stage.

The list of cars visitors will be able to witness first hand includes names like the BMW iX, BMW i4, the new 2 Series Coupe, new 4 Series Gran Coupe as well as the recently refreshed X3 and X4. On top of that you’ll also get to see the BMW CE 04 electric scooter in person, if you’re interested in a two-wheel alternative to squeeze between cars in heavy traffic. That’s not all though, as BMW also promised to unveil a new concept, the BMW i Vision Circular, a 100% recyclable car.

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As a matter of fact, according to BMW, its main focus at the IAA 2021 will be on circular economy. With its “Re:think, Re:duce, Re:use, Re:cycle” approach, the company is going to reveal an all-encompassing view of how the use of primary raw materials can be dramatically reduced for the vehicles of the future. In order to reduce resources consumption per vehicle, the proportion of secondary materials used – e.g. recycled steel, plastic or aluminum – needs to increase significantly.

BMW is also taking a holistic view of sustainability, and that means addressing social sustainability, materials procurement, supply chains and social responsibility when it comes to both the community as a whole and its employees. According to the company, its aim is to put in place the most sustainable supply chain in the whole of the automotive industry and chances are they will actually do it in a shorter time span than we’re expecting.