Driving a classic Mini is about as enjoyable as car driving experiences get. However, it has some obvious downsides if you’re used to modern sports cars. For starters, it lacks any semblance of power or performance. It’s also extremely barren inside. But what happens if you take the classic Mini experience but upgrade the power and the interior? Well, you’d get the Mini Remastered by David Brown.

For Mini Remastered-duty, David Brown Automotive takes a classic Mini and completely upgrades it. However, it’s done in a way that’s complimentary to the original; it highlights the original’s attributes while hiding its flaws. Because of that, it’s a car that reminds you of how good the original Mini was to drive, without having to live with any of its drawbacks.

Under the hood lies a 1,450 cc engine with dual carburetors that makes 125 horsepower. That’s only about 25 more horses than the most powerful of classic Minis but that still makes it a 25-percent increase and that’s a lot in a car as small and light as a classic Mini. It also gets a five-speed manual gearbox (up from four), Bilstein dampers, and AP Racing four-piston brakes up front. So its performance is far better than the original car.

What makes the Mini Remastered so special, though, is that it’s a riot to drive. It still has tiny wheels and tires, which provide only a small overall contact patch, so it still has the original Mini’s classic feel, just cranked up to eleven. It’s raw and pure, just like the original Mini, but still has all of the interior creature comforts you’d want to drive it everyday.

There is a flaw, though — it’s over £100,000. That’s an extreme amount of money for what is, essentially, a resto-modded Mini. Sure, its interior is vastly upgraded, the craftsmanship is high, and it’s comprehensively tuned. However, I’m not quite sure the experience is worth that much money when you can get a classic Mini in great condition for a tenth of that price and mod it yourself. However, if you have the money, want something truly special, and are willing to part with it, it’s tough to beat how special the Mini Remastered feels.