The G20 BMW 3 Series Facelift might have already leaked on social media, but that hasn’t moved forward BMW’s plans to unveil the car. The start of communication for the refreshed 3 Series is expected in 2022 with a market introduction scheduled a few months later. And while the the design is certainly going to create a lot of online chatter, the powertrain choices might not.

According to sources, BMW plans to stick with their current engine lineup which, in all fairness, it is one of their best ever. We will continue to see the same four and six-cylinder petrol and diesel units, along with plug-in hybrid drivetrains. The entry-levels will still be the 318i and 316d, while the top spots will be reserved for the M340i and M340d badges. The 320e and 330e will be the only PHEV models, just like in the current lineup.

Naturally, there will be a combination of rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models, but not all facelifted 3 Series will have both options available. Also, there is no electric 3 Series planned for the LCI model. BMW is currently testing a long-wheelbase electric 3 Series but it’s still unknown whether that variant will end up in the Chinese market.

And while the powertrain options will likely stay the same, the interior design won’t. There are many indications that the 3 Series Facelift will receive the curved display familiar from the i4 and iX. We, of course, expect several updates to the trim and leather options as well.

Since we mentioned the leaked exterior, here are some thoughts on that. The early unwanted preview shows the front-end of a 3 Series with a new bumper design and redesigned headlights. The inner lights feature an inverted design, in contrast to the current model.

The indent into the lower part of the headlights has also been removed along with the upper eyebrow. The kidney grille doesn’t seem to have changed in size, so we expect to see a similar design as on the current vehicle. The image also revealed the aftermarket side skirts, rear spoiler and M-style mirrors.

The next-generation 3 Series is not scheduled until 2025-2026 and by then BMW would have transitioned to the Neue Klasse architecture so expect a few all-electric 3 Series models as well.