On this week’s episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast, Horatiu and I discuss some very interesting topics. I was especially excited do this episode because I was anxious to talk about my drive with the BMW M5 CS (review is live), as well as Horatiu’s drive in the ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe, and Monterey Car Week.

First up, we start with Horatiu’s trip to Monterey for Car Week and his drive in the ALPINA B8. Monterey Car Week is a very special event, one that, as an enthusiast, you need to attend at least once in your life. I had the opportunity to go with BMW a couple of years ago and it incredible. You see so many new Ferraris on the road that they actually get boring. Brand-new, mid-engine Ferraris are the Honda Civics of Monterey Car Week.

Yet, the ALPINA B8 Horatiu drove was actually one of the rarest cars there. Not only does ALPINA not sell many vehicles here in the ‘States but the B8 Gran Coupe has yet to reach any customers’ driveways. So the B8 Gran Coupe was actually one of the most special cars there, excluding the lawns at Pebble Beach, of course. There, you’ll find some of the most absurdly special and rare vehicles ever made.

Selfishly, though, all I wanted to do was talk about the BMW M5 CS. What a flipping machine it is. I’d previously thought that the M2 CS was the most special modern Bimmer I’d ever driven but the M5 CS takes steals the crown from its lesser CS sibling. I’d heard it was great before driving it but it still exceeded my expectations. Everything from its explosive power, to its perfectly balanced handling, to its incredible seats made me fall in love with it. Check the review to see the impressive time it ran in the quarter-mile.

As always, have a listen to this latest episode, which can also be heard wherever major podcasts are found; Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher.