If you’ve ever been to a BMW Performance Driving School, you’d know that the cars used get worked. They’re driven hard, fast, and with reckless abandon. More than that, they’re driven by a lot of different people. Sweaty hands grab the steering wheels, sweaty asses sit in the seats. After awhile, they get gross. So BMW took one of their BMW M3 Competition driving school cars and brought it to AMMO NYC to get a proper freshening up.

The BMW M3 Competition in question was still wrapped in the driving school livery, which actually poses a bit of a challenge. Half of the livery is painted and the other half is a matte wrap. So it requires a bit of extra work to detail both parts of the exterior finish. Even though the M3 Comp has carbon ceramic brakes, its wheels were still caked in grime. While the M3’s wheels look cool, they have a lot of little nooks and crannies that fill with dirt but are hard to clean. So that was another challenge.

However, the one area that BMW stressed to get clean was the interior. The steering wheel had a lot of grime on it, especially stuck in the stitching, which needed to be cleaned. BMW also wanted the seats steam cleaned, to remove and dirt or bacteria that accumulated over time. Probably a good idea.

After it was all said and done, the BMW M3 Competition looked fantastic, probably better than it did when it left the assembly line. After the cleaning, it was off to a photoshoot for the M3, where its pretty finish was immortalized. However, if it ever gets back on the track again, it’s going to need another deep cleaning and detailing because those track cars get seriously beat up over the years.