Car enthusiasm is a beautiful thing, as it can bring people together and connect people from all around the world, with the common love for cars. Sometimes it’s love for a specific car, sometimes it’s love for a brand. In this case, it’s the love for classic BMWs, as this video spotlights several classic BMW enthusiasts from around the globe.

In this video, we get to hear from BMW enthusiasts from Denmark, Russia, Taiwan, and Italy. Anders Bilidt is from Denmark and owns a BMW 2002 tii wearing a gorgeous shade of red, in a fantastic condition. There’s Fabrizio Sandrinelli from Italy, who owns an E24 BMW 6 Series that he found in a barn and restored himself. Adley Li is from Taiwan and owns an E30 BMW 325i, which is fitted with M Technik bits that give an awesome look. Last but not least is Katya, from Russia, who owns an E34 5 Series that she plans on taking to Dingolfing, where it was made, when borders open back up.

All four of these owners come from very different countries and have very different cars. However, they all have the same passion for classic BMWs. In a world of so much division and rage-fueled internet screaming, there’s something incredibly refreshing about that. Each person’s background is different, they each found their cars in very different ways, and they each enjoy their cars in different ways. But one thing is the same — they all love their classic Bimmer.

BMW is a brand that sticks; its cars come with a unique driving flavor that becomes addictive and, sometimes, necessary for fans. Which is why we’re not surprised to see people from all over the world, of different ages and backgrounds, becoming passionate about BMWs, specifically classic ones. Share your classic BMW below and why you’re passionate about the brand’s older cars.