BMW 2002 tii

BMW M235i 2002tii 44 750x500

VIDEO: Passionate owner’s 1973 BMW 2002 tii

Among BMW enthusiasts, the 2002 is often treated as the matriarch of the brand. It’s not the first-ever BMW and it’s not the first-even performance BMW. However, it is the spiritual predecessor to the BMW…

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One-Of-A-Kind: BMW 3002 ttii

We’ve just figured it out. The reason why folks like us have to find continued employment as writers and photographers is that people like Paul Cain and his brother Joe must have absorbed all of…

VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld drives a BMW 2002 tii

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, famous for the show bearing his name, has created a new show recently called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It’s about as literal of a title for a show as you will…

BMW 2002 – The First Sport Sedan