Now that the 5 Series is sporting an updated face, its counterpart from ALPINA, the D5S, has the same new face. It’s a worth update, as it brings sharper headlights, an ever-so-slightly updated — but still appropriately sized — kidney grille, along with some slightly revised taillights. In this new photo gallery from the Salzburgring shows off both the ALPINA D5S Sedan and D5S Touring.

As far as ALPINA-specific design elements, both cars have the same lower front lip, rear bumper with quad exhaust exits, and classic ALPINA wheels. It’s business as usual, to be honest. Still, regardless of how predictable the looks are, though, the two cars both look fantastic. In fact, both D5S variants are probably the best looking versions of the 5 Series.

On the inside, it’s not all that different from a high-end 5 Series. That’s not to say that it’s bad — it’s lovely — but it doesn’t look much different from a 5er. The seats are still great looking, the wood trim is ALPINA-specific and beautiful, and the steering wheel has ALPINA colored stitching. There are also a few plaques throughout the cabin to tell occupants that they’re in something a bit more special than a standard 5 Series.

Under the skin, though, the ALPINA D5S is quite the upgrade over the regular old 5 Series. Its gets an update version of BMW’s tri-turbocharged 3.0 liter straight-six diesel that makes a whopping 408 horsepower and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) of torque. It also gets an ALPINA-tuned eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive system, as well as four-wheel steering. ALPINA also tuned the suspension and added more negative camber, both front and rear, for sharper handling.

The market for ultra-fast diesel sedans isn’t exactly a huge one but the ALPINA D5S is likely the best of them. Its blend of speed, comfort, looks, and handling is tough to beat. Throw in the exclusivity of it being an ALPINA and it becomes a very special car.