Everyone knows that prices for BMW E30 M3 models have been soaring lately. Basically only rich people can afford them now and if we’re talking about special editions, limited-run versions, things get even crazier. Out of all of them, the Johnny Cecotto version is the most ‘common’, if you can call a car made in just 505 units that. Considering that about 30 years have passed since it was initially unveiled, chances of getting your hands on one are slim.

That’s why whenever such a model pops up for sale, everyone pays attention. The guys from Fast Classics have one, but it doesn’t come cheap. The asking price is £84,995 which adds up to about $118,000 at today’s exchange rate. This particular car also has 87,405 miles on the clock but, despite that rather high number, it looks incredibly well looked after. It’s wearing Macao Blue which was the most common color on these cars, 250 of them being painted in this hue.

The Cecotto models were built to celebrate the Venezuelan driver’s success in the DTM and, of course, had a few special add-ons on it. It featured M3 Evolution II front and rear spoilers, and is had thinner rear window glass, chrome tailpipes, and 7.5×16-inch alloy wheels with unique metallic black centers. On the inside, the standard BMW sport seats were trimmed in a special Anthracite or Silver M-Technic cloth with Bison leather bolsters.

Additional special interior features included a plaque on the center console that displays the signature of Johnny Cecotto, as well as the exclusive number of each car in the series. This particular car seems to be wearing a plaque saying it was number 341. According to the ad, the car appears to be in excellent order and comes with a rather long service history behind it. It was initially bought in Germany and had three owners so far so you might be lucky number four.