Update: We learned that the BMW XM will have its debut in 2022. No plans for auto show reveals this year. The latest rumor comes from Germany and it revolves around the BMW XM. If the name is not familiar to you, then the BMW X8 M might be. The initial working name of the flagship M SUV was supposed to be X8 M, but to keep in line with the iX naming convention, the new and super powerful M truck will be called XM.

We initially learned that the XM will be introduced sometimes in 2022, but the improving COVID-19 situation in Germany will allow BMW to attend the 2021 Munich Auto Show. Being the first car even hosted since 2019, BMW won’t pass on this opportunity to unveil a strong lineup of current and future cars. More on future BMWs in the next article. BMW’s participation at the show or the unveil of the XM has not been confirmed by BMW at the moment.

Image by @joelre98 on Instagram

One of those cars is the BMW XM which was spotted several times during testing trials. The last sighting was earlier today and the spy shots revealed an interesting arrangement of the exhaust pipes. Three variants of the new XM are rumored to arrive in the future. One of them could be a hybrid variant with a six-cylinder engine as well.


The top XM models will be split, based on power, just like the current X5M or X6M. The entry-level XM is rumored to have an  output of 460 kW / 625 PS (617 hp). Next we have the upper-end XM (M Top is the working name) which is set to become the first electrified full M model in history. It is rumored to pack a hybrid powertrain combining a V8 petrol engine and an electric unit that together will raise the peak output up to staggering 748 PS (738 hp).

We expect inside a posh, upscale look inside, dramatically different than the one on the X7. More refined materials, full leather upholsteries, new digital screens together with a possibly new OS interface (BMW Operating System 8.0) is also on track to appear on the XM.

As far as pricing, we expect a fully equipped BMW XM to push the MSRP to at least 180,000 euros.

[Top Image: @joelre98 on Instagram]