The upcoming BMW 7 Series will continue to be an important model for the brand. And for the first time ever, the G70 generation will usher the BMW brand into the electric future. In 2022, BMW will unveil an electric version of the 7 Series and it will most likely be named i7. Apart from that, we’re also going to see hybrid and ICE powered versions and the car we’re checking out today seems to be of the latter category.

There isn’t much we can make out on it, because of the heavy cladding and camouflage it’s wearing. Judging by the looks of things, it’s an early prototype, wearing undefined front and rear taillights, but there’s one detail that caught our eye up front: the license plate. Not necessarily what’s written on it, but its position. Usually, it’s located either at the very bottom of the front fascia or on the hood, above the grilles, but int these shots it literarily sits on the hood.

That hints at an obvious observation: the grilles seem to be absolutely huge on this 7 Series. They dominate the front end and they are fairly large, just like the ones on the current G11 7 Series LCI. If that’s to incorporate technology for the driving assistants or whether it’s for better cooling we don’t know right now, but the size is definitely on the larger side of things.

We won’t know for sure how this car’s front end will shape up until it is unveiled and, since the G70 generation is scheduled to enter production in July 2022, we still have some waiting to do.

[Top Image: @joelre98 on Instagram]