The current BMW 1 Series model got mixed reviews when it first came out. It was criticized for a number of reasons, from the fact that it is now front-wheel drive, to the design both inside and out. However, the added practicality of the car turned it into a popular choice for many and sales are doing well. However, it’s never too early to think about the future and since the F40 1er entered production in 2019, by the time it goes out of production the roads will look quite different.

The F40 generation actually has a shorter than average production scheduled, with the last models to roll off the assembly line in June 2024, according to our sources. That means we’re just three years away from a new one. By then, BMW might be thinking going electric might be a good choice, as there’s no hybrid or EV choice available in the line-up of the smallest BMW you can buy. But how would such a car shape up?

What we have here is a rendering, that actually might not be far off from the real deal, of what the next 1er might look like. It was done by Teodoradze Giorgi and shows us a new face for the 1 Series that, while sporting larger nostrils, has them well integrated into the overall look of the front fascia. The front bumper is also very clean cut while the headlights were slimmed down and stretched towards the sides. Notice that the front left side fender also has a charging port on it.

The rear end also sports a new design that looks like an evolution of what we currently have on the 1 Series. It embeds an LED lightbar from side to side too and the inclusion of tailpipes tell us that the renderer imagined this would be a hybrid at the very least. Still looks sharp and everything and it’s not a bad effort whatsoever. We’re still pretty far off from seeing the car in the metal and what BMW designers choose for it but we wouldn’t mind seeing the new 1er shape up like this.