Without question, the BMW M340i Touring is one of the most versatile everyday performance cars on the planet. Few cars can match its combination of speed, handling, comfort, and practicality at its price point. To best the M340i Touring, you have to spend almost double on something like an Audi RS6 Avant or Mercedes-AMG C63 (though an M3 Touring is on the way). If there’s a downside to the M340i Touring it’s that it looks a bit too reserved for its performance. However, that can change with a bit of tweaking from 3D Design.

For starters, this new 3D Design tuning kit comes with new aero, such as a front lip spoiler, new side skirts, a new rear wing, and a rear diffuser. The side skirts and the diffuser are made from carbon fiber, too. The full kit also comes with lowering springs, 20″ wheels and new exhaust tips, for a properly sporty look and feel. As with all 3D Design parts, these look fantastic and fit perfectly.

However, there’s some mechanical bits available as well. For instance, a Brembo brake kit is available, with 3D Design logos, which should improve the BMW M340i Touring’s ability to stop dramatically. M Performance car brakes are usually good but not great. Brembos should change that.

There’s also an engine tune available, which bumps power up to 430 PS (424 horsepower), which is a helluva lot. The new BMW M3 makes 473 horsepower to start, for reference. Which means this 3D Design tune gets you most of the way there, while also having a practical wagon body style, at a more affordable price.

Admittedly, there is a BMW M3 Touring on the way but it’s going to be very limited and likely quite expensive. So getting an M340i Touring and tuning it up a bit is most likely going to be the more realistic option for many customers. If that sounds like something for you, check out 3D Design.