The BMW iX and i4 are finally completely out in the open. The new electric models from Bavaria are set to take BMW into a new era, virtually doubling the EV offer on hand right now. The marketing efforts are also kicking off right now and we’re bound to see countless commercials featuring the two in a wide array of places. From TV to social media, you’d better get ready. Today though, BMW announced that the joint global campaign will be playing to the rhythm of Coldplay’s new hit: Higher Power.

You can hear the quartet’s latest single in the TV commercials filmed for launching the joint worldwide communication campaign for the two new models. It lyrics such as “This joy is electric”. Back in 2014, Coldplay, performed before 1,500 fans at the end of their “Ghost Stories Tour” at BMW Welt in Munich. That concert led to the collaboration between the two, as BMW told us earlier today.

“In the initial discussions we quickly realized: Coldplay and BMW share many common goals that go far beyond marketing,” says Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer and Brand BMW. “Based on this we developed a real co-creation in which the band actively contributed their thoughts and attitude to the design of our campaign for the BMW iX and the BMW i4.” The German company also mentioned that the collaboration will include further co-developed elements towards the end of the year.

The band said “We are proud to partner with BMW as part of our efforts to make everything we do as sustainable as possible. The technology that BMW use for their electric cars can power our live performances almost entirely from renewable energy.” For the premiere of their new song “Higher Power”, Coldplay already went above and beyond by holding the premiere in space. The song was played for the first time by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet on the International Space Station.