As summer rolls by, so do the prototypes of upcoming models on the Nurburgring. Just like every year, the Green Hell is currently full of cars performing various tests before they are approved for production. And the video below shows a plethora of them, mostly BMWs. As we all know, the Nurburgring is the main track where BMW tests its models and the 7 Series and upcoming X8 are no exception.

These are two of the most important cars that will be released in the near future by BMW. By the looks of things, they might also have a very similar design on the outside, at least up front. Sure, these prototypes do use a lot of camo and it’s hard to make out any details.

But at a first glance, it seems like both the sedan and SUV are using a split-headlight approach which will definitely not go over well with fans of the brand, especially old-school ones.

Photo by @joelre98 on Instagram

We’re still pretty much in the dark regarding the design side of things but we do know several other important bits of information about the technical underpinnings. According to various sources, the upcoming 7er will get all three types of drivetrains: conventional, hybrid and EV.

The conventional models will only use straight six engines as the V8 and V12 models will be retired. The hybrid versions will use straight six engines as well but in combination with various electric motors, while the EV versions will bear the i7 moniker on the bootlid.

As for the X8, chances are it’s not even going to be called that. According to our sources, the name of the final product might be a bit different as this car is supposed to be an M-developed product in the end. Sure, it may seem odd for some that BMW M went down this road with its first bespoke model but, considering what’s actually selling today, it’s not a big surprise.

With a rumored power output of over 750 HP, this is shaping up to be quite a performer. The video also includes short clips of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, which is yet to be unveiled, as well as other M and non-M cars.

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[Top Image: @bmw43__]