The current BMW 7 Series model is going out of production next year and it’s no secret that the German company is already working on its successor. The upcoming G70 7 Series will be a very interesting one as it will mark the moment when BMW starting migrating its flagship toward the electrified future envisioned by the legislators. We will not only get the traditional 7er but also a fully electric model and some interesting hybrids.

Prototypes of the car have been already spotted out doing some interesting tests. That includes the ‘regular’ 7 Series and the i7, by the way. The video below shows us yet another such prototype undergoing a series of tests on the usual BMW proving grounds, the Nurburgring. Unfortunately, this seems like a very early prototype so we can’t really make out any design features, apart from what looks like a massive grille up front.

Image: @joelre98 on Instagram

However, our sources inside Munich have already told us a couple of details about the upcoming flagship. The new 7 Series will get a huge bump in tech and luxury. For starters, all cars will come fitted with air suspension as standard along with the Bowers & Wilkins sound system and soft close doors.

However, digging deep into the options list you’ll find that you’ll be able to get an even better Bowers & Wilkins sound system and things such as self-closing doors (like on the Phantom), full comfort seats in the back (including heating/cooling and massaging functions) and a new rear entertainment system that will be a lot better than the old one.

The new 7 Series will also get the so-called ‘Natural Interaction’ system that will be first introduced on the BMW iX this year. That means the car will use sensors to read out where you are looking and offer you the possibility of controlling different functions with your gaze and gestures.

We’ll also get the Iconic Glow lit up front grille feature found on the X6 these days on the upcoming 7 Series, bringing it closer to the Rolls-Royce Ghost. Of course, as usual, plenty of Individual choices await as well, to allow you to make the car your own. The G70 7 Series is expected to enter production in June, next year.

[Top Image: @joelre98 on Instagram]