It’s becoming more and more common to see customers take delivery of their special new car and bring it straight to a paint correction and protection shop. As counter-intuitive as it may seen, brand-new cars actually typically need quite a bit of paint correction, unless it’s something hand-finished, like a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. After the paint has been perfectly corrected, customers also want to protect it, to ensure it. In this new video from Joe Achilles, you see the benefits of such a process with his new BMW M3 Competition.

Achilles’ M3 Comp is among the best looking ones I’ve seen yet. In fact, his color combination might be the best I’ve seen yet — Portimao Blue with Kyalami Orange interior and the option (but necessary) carbon fiber-backed bucket seats. That pretty Portimao paint, though, needs to be corrected to truly show its beauty and the shop Achilles takes it to does just that. It looks fantastic after just a good buff and polish and then gets some PPF (Paint Protection Film) added to make sure no rock chips damage the newly finished paint.

Finally, the entire gets ceramic coated; paint, wheels, and even the interior; to make sure that the paint stays near-perfect for a long time. It will also help keep it clean, as the ceramic coating makes the exterior finish of the car quite slippery, preventing most dirt from sticking to it in the first place but also allowing it to be power-washed rather easily.

Achilles is excited about his BMW M3 Competition and he should be, it’s a great car and an exciting one to have. He’s also going to be putting it through its paces over the next couple of months, as he’s already scheduled to rack up thousands of miles with it. Which is good, that’s how M3’s are supposed to be used. Thankfully, his paint won’t get damaged in the process.

So if you’ve just taken delivery of a BMW M3 Competition, or any other exciting car for that matter, go get a paint correction and ceramic coat, it’s going to keep your brand-new car looking fresh for a long time.