Yesterday, the world got to meet the new BMW M4 Convertible for the first time. Even though the Coupe model has been around for quite some time now and the 4 Series Convertible had already been launched, the M4 Convertible, a mix of the two, was still missing. Not anymore and the final product looks pretty darn good, bucktooth grille be damned! Even though some will still be fixated on the front fascia, the biggest change compared to its predecessors comes at the back of the car.

This will be the first BMW M4 Convertible to use a soft top roof and it’s pretty obvious why this move was made: weight. According to BMW, this textile solution is 40-percent lighter than the outgoing hard-top which, of course, helps out in the dynamics department. Furthermore, the bracing needed to stiffen up the car for those top-down moments doesn’t have to be as heavy as before, dropping the total weight even more.

Other advantages include keeping the center of gravity lower to the ground and a better aural experience overall. That’s actually one of the reasons why some people prefer convertibles, as they offer a more engaging experience, especially with the roof down. In this day and age, when every car maker wants to muffle out as much noise as possible inside the cabin, high-performance cars like the M4 are truly unicorns.

And while a picture might be worth a thousand words, seeing the car in static photos is one thing, but checking it out in motion is a completely different one. The video below is the first one launched by BMW for the arrival of the new M4 Convertible and it shows exactly what demographic it targets and what it can do best.

This is a car for the younger, wilder ones of us, those wanting a more raw experience and, hopefully, it will deliver.