Unlike the previous generation BMW M3/M4 and M2 with manual transmissions, BMW now gives you the ability to deactivate the auto-blipping feature of the G80/G28 M3/M4 manual transmissions, regardless of the driving mode selected. In the F80 M3, for example, you had to be in SPORT PLUS to be able to deactivate the auto rev matching. If you wanted rev matching off in Sport or Efficient, too bad.

With the all-new G82 M4, BMW allows you to set the Gear Shift Assistant however you want. BMW has two different methods for the driver to deactivate Gear Shift Assistant. One is through a direct pressing of the setup button just below the red start-stop button on the center console. This pops up a menu where you simply toggle Gear Shift Assistant from ON to OFF. This can be done with your finger via the center touchscreen or by using the iDrive controller dial.

The second method, my favorite way, is to go into the BMW M Menu on the center display screen. Once in the M Menu, you can configure the M1 and M2 buttons. Under configure for each M1 and M2 button, the second option is to choose whether or not you want Gear Shift Assistant ON or OFF.  This is right below the engine choices. Toggle out of M1 setup or push and hold the

The reason I like programming the M1 and M2 buttons versus going through the Setup button on the console is that every time you restart the G82 M4, the Gear Shift Assistant defaults back to ON. Manually turning it off via the Setup button requires you to pay attention to the center screen and select the correct input. If you have pre-programed the M1 or M2 button, you simply press the M1 or M2 button, even while driving. Now the M4 is set up exactly the way you want, including the Gear Shift Assistant.

Thankfully, BMW now gives us the option to deactivate the Gear Shift Assist in any mode for the manual M3/M4. It is freely configurable irrespective of the driving setting you choose.  Personally, I really enjoy heel-toeing a manual transmission car and am glad BMW gives the driver the choice.

Method 1:  Via Setup Button

  1. Start the car
  2. Hit the Setup button just below the red engine start on the center console. This will bring up a menu in the center display screen.
  3. Toggle the Gear Shift Assistant to OFF – you can use the touchscreen or the iDrive controller.

Method 2:  Via M1/M2 button Configuration.

  1. Scroll down and choose “Car” on the main Menu and Click or touch “M Menu” on central display
  2. Choose Configure M1 or M2 button.
  3. Scroll down or touch Gear Shift Assistant and toggle to off via iDrive controller or via touching the screen.
  4. Left tab out of the menu. An alternative is that you can hold the M1 button until you hear a chime.
  5. Your M1 button is now programmed.