Prior to the release of the BMW M3 and M4, we spoke with Alan Peltier of HRE Wheels about some of HRE’s newest wheels and technologies. Us being us, we asked him about the new M3 and M4 and what he thought of their new design. He actually said something we thought was interesting, that their new grille design was so bold and brash that it didn’t match the rest of the cars, which are relatively subtle. He reckoned that they’d both look better with mods to make the rest of the car as extreme as the grille. Of course, he mentioned that HRE wheels would look great on both cars.

To find out, here are a couple of renders of each car; the BMW M3 and BMW M4, with sets of HRE Wheels on them to see what they look like. Naturally, they look much better than stock because every car looks better than stock with HREs.

The BMW M3 in these renders wears a stunning shade of blue, with gold HRE Wheels and it looks killer. We only get to see if from the rear three-quarters view, so we don’t have to look at its grille, but it does sort of prove Peltier right in that the M3 needs a bit of extra style throughout. The back of the M3 is a bit too reserved, compared to its face, so adding some flashier wheels absolutely helps.

As for the mint-green BMW M4 (which is an awesome color, by the way), the new HRE Wheels certainly make a difference. The dark bronze wheels also look great on the M4 and add some much needed sportiness. Though, I’m not sure I love the bronze with the green.

It’s not entirely shocking that both the BMW M3 and BMW M4 look great with HRE Wheels, as HRE has been making cars look better for ages. Though, these renders do help if you’re a new M3 or M4 owner and want to add a bit more style to your car.