Our latest episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast has just gone live and it’s a good one. We had the pleasure of sitting down (over Zoom) with HRE Wheels President Alan Peltier, who graciously gave us almost an hour of his time to talk about aftermarket wheels, HRE’s latest projects and even some BMWs.

As you may already know, HRE Wheels are one of the absolute best manufacturers of aftermarket wheels on the planet. Not only are their designs gorgeous but their build quality, technology and attention to detail are second to none. Peltier has been with HRE since the ’90s and he started out as a designer. So there isn’t a more knowledgeable person to talk to when it comes to aftermarket wheels.

The conversation kicks off with discussing the processes of making a good wheel. Peltier talks about build quality, material quality and the engineering that goes into making high-end wheels. What’s interesting is how the designs vary from style of car. So there are some wheels designed for performance cars, some for luxury cars, some just for show and some for the track. How the design and engineering sides meet for such specifications is fascinating.

He then talks about some of the new advances in material technology and even 3D printing and additive manufacturing. He even touches on the design of the new BMW M4 a bit, as even HRE has seen the new grille design, and he has some comments on it. Especially considering the fact that the F80/F82 M3/M4 were some of the most popular cars fitted with HRE Wheels since they made their debut.

It’s also shocking to hear about some of the clientele they have over at HRE Wheels. Some customers have had over thirty sets of wheels from HRE and for all sorts of incredible cars, such as Bugattis and McLarens.

If you’re listening to this episode, there may be some times when Peltier references something in the room that you obviously can’t see. We recorded this episode over Zoom and the video version will be up on YouTube shortly. So have a listen now or wait and watch the video version.