One of the features that the new BMW M3 and M4 models come with and might actually be fun to test out is, without a doubt, the Drift Analyzer. Its creation shows that the people over in Munich still know how to have fun and still know their audience pretty well. There’s plenty of people out there complaining about the fact that the new cars now come with all-wheel drive and one of their arguments was that it would prevent them from skidding about everywhere.

That’s not really true, unless talking about the Competition version, which will be coming with all-wheel drive version starting this July. The base M3 and M4 models come just as the enthusiasts dream of: RWD and with a manual gearbox. However, the Drift Analyzer is available in both models, and Steve Sutcliffe, from Evo Magazine, decided to take the new M3 out for a spin and try it out.

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What you should know is that the Drift Analyzer takes into account a number of variables to give your efforts a rating. These parameters include the distance covered while spinning the rear wheels, the angle and speed. The on-board computer takes it all into account and then gives you a rating out of five possible stars. In Steve’s case, he managed to pull four and a half stars thanks to his efforts.

While it all seems like fun and games on the track, this Drift Analyzer might also be a serious danger to fences and hedges all around the world, as Steve points out. People will want to try it out and not everyone’s responsible enough to keep things on the track. It’s also important to note that there are plenty of warnings embedded in the iDrive sub-menus before you reach the Drift Analyzer in the first place. You have to deactivate the DSC completely and take a few extra steps as well to engage it. Hopefully, that will be enough to make people think twice before risking life and limb.