In a new video, BMW M gives us some insight into the development of the new BMW M4 GT3 racing car and how it compares with its road-legal counterpart – the G82 M4. The video features Anne Forschner, Exterior Designer BMW M4 Competition, and Michael Scully, BMW Group Designworks Global Automotive Director. The video starts with Forschner and Scully talking about the elephant in the room – the new BMW kidney grille.

What we immediately learn is that the M4 GT3 “retains the production car’s perimeter geometry, while their interior surfaces have been opened-up and celebrate the care and feeding of the race engine’s enhanced cooling requirements for the M4 GT3.” Furthermore, the M4 GT3 with its front corner lights gets better aero coefficients along with providing high speed night time visibility during endurance races.

The roof, with its two longitudinal fins, and the heavily raked rear window are also identical in form on both the BMW M4 Competition and BMW M4 GT3. These elements enable an ideal flow of air to the racing car’s rear wing. We also learned that the M4 GT3 is 75 millimeters wider on each side.

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