If you love the MINI brand and if you enjoy the original in particular, you probably already know who David Brown is. His company, David Brown Automotive, specializes in restoring old Minis and bringing them into the 21st century with some pretty awesome tech. The Brits recently unveiled their latest work and it’s as awesome as ever.

Dubbed Mini Remastered Oselli Edition, the new restomod is a finished product that was in development for the last 2 years. As the name suggests, the cars have been done with the help of engine specialists Oselli, who have signed off on the powertrains under the sheet metal. To be more precise, this will be the most powerful restomod David Brown ever made, the A-Series engine under the hood being taken up to 1,450-cc, fitted with twin SUV carburetors and other performance upgrades. The problem is, there’s no mention as to what kind of HP figures to expect.

Since this is a David Brown creation, the cars will be hand-built in Silvestone, as usual, and come with plenty of luxury and features to keep up with modern models. You can have it in either a two-seat or four-seat configuration, the former getting bucket-style seats as well as a roll-cage. The model benefits from upgraded braking and suspension components that are brought in to handle the extra power and speed, while high-speed approved tires are mated to larger and wider 13-inch wheels to keep up with the technical handling of the car.

“We are very pleased to have the first examples of Mini Remastered, Oselli Edition almost ready to hit the road – or the racetrack. Alongside our engineering partner, Oselli, we are committed to making sure this performance version of Mini Remastered is the complete package, so alongside challenges around the pandemic, this model has been in planning for longer than usual, but only to allow us to perfect the ultimate race-ready city car package,” said Michelle Gay, Sales & Marketing Director at David Brown Automotive.

As for the pricing and availability… If you’re interested in buying one of these beauties, you should know they don’t come cheap and they won’t be made in large numbers. David Brown Automotive announced only 60 of them will be made and pricing starts at £98,000 or about $135,000 at today’s exchange rates. The first one should leave the DBA HQ by the end of April.