One of the biggest controversy surrounding the 2021 BMW M3 and M4 is oversized grille. The topic has been debated intensively over the last few months and in the end, the jury is still out on the success of this design approach. So we wanted to look past that for a moment and give an overview of the 2021 BMW M3 G80. In this video, we walk around the car to observe the new design language, then we jump inside to see some of the standard features. And of course, the six-speed manual transmission which is rare today in sports cars.

This was a U.S. model with a six-speed manual and a rear-wheel drive. It was also the non-competition model equipped with the standard seats. So you get the chance to see what the new M3/M4 look like without the carbon fiber bucket seats seen in most demo cars.

The entry-level M3 and M4 models receive the 353 kW / 480 PS (473 hp) iteration of the powertrain, whereas the range-topping Competition versions are powered by the 375 kW / 510 PS (503 hp) version of the S58 unit. Power delivery is performed either via six-speed manual gearbox or an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with M Drivelogic management unit. The output essentially reaches the rear-axle wheels for both the 480 PS and the 510 PS Competition variants.

To further improve traction, stability and predictability while driven at the utmost limits, the M3 Competition and M4 Competition will be optionally configured with the M xDrive all-wheel drive chassis, with market launch scheduled for Summer 2021 in most US, European and Asian markets.

For the US market, the manual M4 Coupe starts at a MSRP of USD 71,800, whereas for the M4 Competition Coupe the price extends to USD 74,700. In the case of the M3 Sedan, the manual version has a MSRP of USD 69,900, whereas for the Competition model pricing starts at USD 72,800.