Had enough of the new BMW M3, yet? No? Figured not. The new G80 M3 is one of the most intriguing new cars in the world at the moment, due to its incredible performance, surprisingly sharp handling, and questionable styling. It’s a car that I simply cannot wait to try out for myself because there’s so many layers that I can’t wait to unravel. In this new video from AutoTopNL, though, you get to see quite a bit of the M3’s performance, to give you a good idea of just how fast it is in the real world.

The video starts out by giving you an exhaust clip. For being a Euro-spec car, with the government mandated OPF exhaust filters, the M3 sounds pretty good. It has a throaty, burbly exhaust note that certainly sounds better than the previous-gen car. There were some questions about the noise of this new S58 engine but this video seems to answer them.

We then get to see the M3 accelerate and reach its top speed which, let’s face it, is why you want to watch the video. Using GPS timing gear, the M3 in this video was able to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.77 seconds. That’s about as fast as it needs to be, realistically. Though, we suspect xDrive models will shave a few tenths of a second off of that time, with their ability to put more power to the road during launch.

According to the timing gear, it also ran a quarter-mile time of 11.49 seconds, which is seriously quick for a stock sport sedan. It also reaches its top speed of 281 km/h (175 mph) in this video but it seemed as if it could easily reach 185 mph, potentially even 190 mph. Though a tire pressure warning did appear, telling the driver to increase the pressure to drive at that sort of speed.

The new BMW M3 is shockingly fast and will only get faster as all-wheel drive models start appearing. That’s evidenced by this video. However, we can’t wait to properly test it, as the true measure of an M3 isn’t how fast it is but how much fun it is to drive.