Just yesterday, we saw some photos of an odd test mule pop up online. It seemed to be a current-gen BMW M2 with some odd additions that made it seem as if it were an electric vehicle. So we made the assumption that BMW was potentially developing some sort of 2 Series EV for the next generation and were using an old M2 body as a test bed. While we were right that BMW was using an old M2 body to test new tech, said testing won’t lead to a BMW 2 Series EV of any kind. At least not yet.

According to a very reliably source, who will remain anonymous, there will not be a 2 Series EV based on the next-gen platform. According to our source, the BMW M2 test mule we saw yesterday was indeed testing new technology, just using the old M2 body as a shell, but we don’t know what that new tech is.

It certainly seemed as if the test mule we saw was an electric vehicle, judging by the extension we saw underneath the belly of the car, which seemed like an EV battery pack. It also lacked exhaust pipes, which again made us think EV. It could have been an EV, as BMW could have been testing out a new battery or electric motor, but we weren’t told what it was testing. All we know is that it was sort of a dummy test car, used for developing specific tech and not an actual production car.

Now, there’s a chance that BMW does develop some sort of small, two-door EV like a 2 Series but if that happens, it will only be done on a future, all-electric architecture. So to see such a car, you’d likely have to wait until at least a generation after the next-gen 2 Series. Until such a thing occurs, we’re told there won’t be a BMW 2 Series EV anytime soon.