In today’s fast-paced world, filled with screens and speakers, having a moment for yourself can truly be considered a luxury you sometimes just can’t afford. The same can be said about the luxury of having a bit of space all for yourself, especially in the incredibly crowded spaces we call ‘cities’ nowadays. Well, Rolls-Royce, staying true to its DNA, decided to introduce the Privacy Suite as an optional feature for its customers, to cater to these exact needs.

As you might be aware, most Rolls-Royce Phantom models cater to a certain demographic. More often than not, they are used with a chauffeur, as the owner sits in the back. However, even though those behind the wheel are usually true professionals, you might, on the odd occasion, want to be completely alone with your thoughts. That’s where the Privacy Suite comes into play.

This is a new offering for Rolls-Royce cars, that was patented back in 2020. A raising panel has been used in a variety of cars before but this new feature comes with a lot more than just that. The separator is made of electrochromatic glass which basically can become opaque at the touch of a button. This way, you can separate the front and the rear halves of the car not just acoustically but also visually. Furthermore, rear passengers have the ability to see through the glass and on to the road ahead, or go opaque for absolute privacy. Of course, the side windows can also be blocked with the already famous curtains Rolls-Royce has been offering for quite some time now.

That’s not all though. The Privacy Suite also uses additional acoustic damping to increase the sound isolation in Phantom, already considered to be the world’s most silent ICE car. To deliver the highest possible levels of acoustic insulation, a frequency-specific compound inhibits the transmission of conversations in the rear cabin to the front. If you want to talk to the driver, you have an intercom system at your disposal. The same goes the other way around, with the driver having a button at its disposal with which he can call the rear occupants, which can decide whether to pick up or not.

The Privacy Suite also gets a rear theater mode, allowing passengers to review presentations, review live news items or simply control their music library. Two high-definition 12-inch monitors are linked to the Phantom’s suite of fully connected software; an HDMI port allows passengers to mirror the screens of their personal devices and a USB port can be used to store audio files to the on-board 20GB hard drive.