The current BMW M range is made up of some pretty impressive models. It all started with the introduction of the M xDrive all-wheel drive system, a game changer for most cars in this current line-up and a feature that allowed them to keep up and even beat the competition. Even in standing start drag races. The BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition is no exception to that rule and it delivers some pretty big numbers.

Another huge helping hand came from the engineers, namely those who have been taking care of the engines. That’s because we now finally have arrived at the ultimate version of the S63 engine, the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 mill having some difficulties in the past. Not anymore, as the latest version seems to be one of the best twin-turbo V8 engines ever made, with incredible tuning potential on top of the standard power figures.

Roads Untraveled had the chance to take the M8 Gran Coupe in Competition clothes out for a spin and, as you might expect, the car left a rather big impression on them. It’s hard to act unimpressed when you’re driving not just a beautiful, sleek BMW but also one of the fastest cars they ever made. And the Bavarians know a thing or two about speed and how to modulate it and control it.

That’s also why it was dubbed an ‘Autobahn killer’ by the reviewers. It’s pretty obvious that if you get one of these you have two options to experience it properly, if you want to press the gas pedal for more than 4 seconds and not go to jail: either you move next to an unrestricted highway in Germany or go to the track. Otherwise, driving this car on public roads will only tap into about 10 percent of what it’s truly capable of.