Not too long ago, if you wanted to buy the fastest four-door car in the BMW range you had one clear choice: the BMW M5 Competition. Today, things have changed a bit and the M8 Gran Coupe is, surprisingly, one of that M5’s biggest rivals. It’s an incredibly fast car, even in stock guise, especially if you go for the Competition model. But what if you go even further? What if you add a tuning kit to it as well?

That’s what the video below show us, thanks to the guys from Dragtimes Info. The Russian YouTube channel wowed us over the years with some pretty fast cars. From 1000+ HP GT-R models to twin-turbo Lamborghinis, we’ve seen them all. Thanks to their seemingly unlimited access to drag strips, the surface on which these cars ran was also rather impeccable all the time so we can get a look at their best performance.

In today’s video we’ve checking out a BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition going up against a Porsche 911. Both cars are apparently tuned to Stage 2 levels of performance. That means different things though. The Porsche went up from 385 HP (which is what the base model gets in standard guise) to 550 HP. That’s pretty good for a 3-liter flat six twin-turbo mill. However, the rival it’s going up against in a different ballpark entirely.

The M8 Gran Coupe went up from the stock 625 HP to no less than 850 HP. Normally, you’d start complaining about traction at this point, but this BMW comes with all-wheel drive. Furthermore, the surface is as sticky as you’d expect a drag strip to be. The result? A 1/4 mile time of 9.865 seconds. That is mightily impressive, not to mention that the 1/2 mile speed is 266.66 km/h. Apparently, you can get a 10-second car without losing any sort of comfort these days.