A while back, BMW started a mini series featuring Timo Glock. The goal was to introduce fans of the brands to the inner workings of the company, with a familiar face in front of the camera. Today, we’ve reached a very interesting chapter, as the works driver checks out the BMW Individual Manufaktur division. In case you didn’t know, this is where you go if you want your BMW to be truly unique.

Since its foundation in 1992, BMW Individual has been synonymous with the most exclusive form of sheer driving pleasure. The focus has been on superior quality and making every customer wish come true since the very beginning. And this is particularly true of BMW Indvidual Manufaktur; in the halls in Garching near Munich, the customer becomes the designer of their own car. Interior or exterior, golden door handles or the family crest on the headrest – almost any wish can be catered for.

This is one step up from the usual Individual configuration you can get on a number of BMW models, allowing you to spec things out just like you want. Of course, it’s not free but the wide array of possible combinations is just mesmerizing. From unique colors to unique materials, almost anything is possible.

There’s just one condition: The customized production must not violate safety standards, brand characteristics or legal obligations. Timo Glock discovered the world of possibilities during his visit. As part of his tour he learned all about the entire process from the raw material to the finished special edition, listened to a bizarre anecdote and even helped out with the manufacturing of a car part. His conclusion: “Anything is possible. You can make any dream for your car come true with BMW. How everything is done with pure craftmanship here was absolutely fascinating.”