Car companies have recently invested in numerous tech that is meant to make our lives easier. From Gesture Control, to the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, the Bavarians have put in extra effort to make sure they stay on top of their game. Some features are more useful than others, and that’s expected. The Gesture Control has been a very controversial one, for example.

However, they show that the Germans are interested in offering their customers the best experience, but they do need to be brought to your attention more often than not, otherwise they’d just get overlooked. The video below does exactly that and it borrows from some of Timo Glock’s fame to get across to as many viewers as possible. The BMW Works driver stepped in front of the camera, to show us what we might be missing out on.

Starting things off, he introduces the BMW Digital Key, which allows you to open and drive the car, using your smartphone as a key fob. The best part about it is that you can also offer other people access to your car by simply using your phone. The new My BMW App includes a lot of cool features too, from various info about the car to various functions you can control remotely. Once inside, you can use the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant for various purposes.

The video makes it seem like it works flawlessly but from personal experience I can tell you that it’s not always that seamless. At the same time, I’ve always used it in English and Timo is using it in German, which might make a rather big difference. Nevertheless, the whole video is a tour de force of what the systems on board modern BMWs can do. Check it out!