The new M3 and M4 models might not be up to par with everyone’s expectations from BMW. Those who are not pleased with the car have manifested their disgruntlement time and time again and, most of the time, it’s focused on the exterior design. But apart from that, the new G80 M3 and G82 M4 have a lot more to offer than just a set of huge grilles up front. So what is the interior like?

As you might’ve noticed, the BMW people started a mini-series of clips recently, featuring all sorts of interesting tidbits of information about what the M3 and M4 bring to the table. So far, they’ve covered the mechanical side of things; from the engine to the brakes and exhaust; and have now reached the cabin. This is an important one after all, as that’s where you’ll be spending most of your time, if you decide to buy one. To be blunt, you don’t actually see the front end from behind the wheel, so why worry about that in the first place?

Now, as far as the interior goes, BMW truly knocked this one out of the park. Personally, I actually love the interior of the new models and have to admit the seats play a huge role. The M Carbon seats not only look cool and have a bucket-seat style, they offer all the functionality a more conventional seat would offer. For example, you can adjust them electronically in every direction, something bucket seats don’t usually offer.

They are also light, as that was the main reason why carbon fiber was used in their construction. On top of that you’ll probably find them to be both comfy and supportive, a mix that’s hard to come by these days. Don’t expect the same levels of comfort as you would find in a 7 Series but, all things considered, chances are you’ll be pleased with the result.