With the automotive world quickly moving towards electrification, car tuning companies have to adapt. The sound and horsepower output will take a step back, so tuning shops will have to find new ways to market their products. One of those companies is AC Schnitzer who has just unveiled their tuning kit for MINI Cooper SE electric hatch. “Naturally, we also accompany this new era with our AC Schnitzer special developments and have adapted our range for the model launch and given the electric runabout a plus in sportiness along the way,” says AC Schnitzer in a press release.

­The aerodynamic solution for the MINI Cooper SE 3-door consists of the easy-to-fit black front splitter, which noticeably improves the downforce values of the MINI. AC Schnitzer says that this splitter can be fitted without any further painting. It is made of the polymer ASA and is characterized by its particularly high strength, rigidity and weather resistance. Of course, should any customer desire, the splitter can be painted in any color.

The program is light on aero bits, so for now, the splitter is the only part available. The only two other visual things you can order now are the AC Schnitzer decal set and AC Schnitzer rear skirt protection foil. But the MINI Cooper SE project hasn’t stopped there.

Due to the higher vehicle weight of the MINI Cooper SE, the suspension spring kit has been completely redeveloped. The lowering of the vehicle’s centre of gravity by approx. 25 – 35 mm at the front and approx. 20 – 30 mm at the rear, results in a noticeable increase in driving dynamics and cornering handling. No AC Schnitzer project would be complete without their custom wheels. Therefore, this MINI Cooper SE is fitted with the AC Schnitzer AC1 wheels in size 7.5 x 19″ wrapped in 215/35 R 19 non-run-flat-tires.

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For the interior of the MINI Cooper SE, the AC Schnitzer aluminum pedals and the aluminum cover “Black Line” for the controller of the iDrive system are available. ­

[Photos: AC Schnitzer]