It’s kind of funny how, whenever a completely new model is released by BMW, everyone instantly starts talking about a potential M version. That has been the case with every single car unveiled by the Germans and the BMW X7 is no exception. As ridiculous as a full-size SUV M model might sound, people are still wondering if it’s going to happen. BMW repeatedly said a stern ?No” whenever the topic popped up but for those undeterred, there’s a more than decent option out there: the Alpina XB7.

The guys from The Smoking Tire put it through their usual tests and came back impressed by it. Before we get into the actual video, let’s go over the specs. The Alpina XB7 is based on the BMW X7 M50i and uses an upgraded version of the N63 engine found under the hood of that car. The engineers in Buchloe upgraded the turbos, the cooling and the exhaust and squeezed 612 HP out of the engine and 590 lb-ft of torque. Those are huge numbers but, then again, the car is pretty big and heavy too at 5,950 lbs.

We’ve become accustomed to Alpina being a sort of surrogate M car, and it seems like the same story applies to their SUVs, as it is the case with sedans and Touring models. The Alpina XB7 seems to be the embodiment of what a BMW X7 M would’ve been. When you take everything about the XB7 into consideration, from the center of gravity to the weight of the car and, of course, the laws of physics, it becomes an immensely impressive machine.


Even so, some tricks were applied to keep everything in check. The wheels are huge, this particular model being fitted with 23-inch ones, wearing 285 tires up front and 325s at the back. There’s also an active anti-roll system on-board as well as integral steering. All these tricks help out but has Mat been impressed by all of it? Check out the video to find out.