The new and refreshed F90 BMW M5 is making the internet rounds right about now. The new year brings a couple of new models from BMW as well that, even though were shown last year, are only starting to be available now. Among them you’ll find the M5 as well as the new M3 and M4 models. Until we get to see what the smaller cars have in store for us, it’s time to check out the LCI M5.

Mat Watson, from CarWow, is one of the lucky people that has already had the chance to test it out. The video below is a full review of the car, in his usual trademark style, going over both pros and cons. In the former category you’ll find things like the optional carbon ceramic brakes, the specially tuned M suspension, the active engine mounts that keep the massive V8 as steady as possible as well as the M xDrive all-wheel drive system.

On the bad side, Mat mentions the lack of a steering-assistive cruise control system as standard, which is a good point, considering how expensive the M5 is. He also mentions the toned down exhaust, castrated by the new noise regulations the LCI M5 has to abide to. Another downside is the fact that you can’t get rear-wheel steering which is surely related to the performance part of the car, which is still pretty bonkers.

All that might sound disappointing for some but  it all fades away as soon as you stomp on the gas pedal. BMW claims the M5 Competition will do 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds and Mat put that claim to the test. His result? 2.9 seconds on a damp road. That’s pretty incredible already but imagine how fast this sedan is on a proper drag strip without any damp asphalt. Crazy!