Famed automotive designer Henrik Fisker tends to hold a special place in the hearts of BMW fans. While his time at BMW is only a small blip on his impressive resume, Fisker did made a huge impact during his short time working with BMW. Reason being is that he designed one of the very best looking cars in the history of the Bavarian brand — the BMW Z8. So whenever Fisker creates new products, BMW fans often take notice. His most recent announcement should also pique the interest of most car enthusiasts, as it’s an all-electric pickup truck, designed to shake up the market.

Fisker is currently in the process of developing his first new car since the Karma, over a decade ago. The Fisker Ocean is an all-electric SUV and the first vehicle to be developed by his new company, Fisker Automotive, which he runs with his wife. The Ocean was announced awhile back and has been in the works ever since. This new project, which is currently unnamed, is going to be an EV pickup truck and likely based on the same chassis as the Ocean.

fisker ocean 2 830x623

The announcement for such a pickup was made on LinkedIn of all places, where Fisker made some bold claims about this EV pickup truck sketch.

“Ok, yes, next vehicle might be a lifestyle pick up truck! But not just any truck! We want to create the lightest, most efficient EV pick up in the world! Making it, the most sustainable! image is just a teaser! Not the final: final will be way more radical!” Fisker said in the recent post.

Admittedly, he does say his next vehicle “might” be the EV pickup truck in the sketch. However, Fisker seems to be delivering on the Ocean SUV that he promised, so it’s possible that Fisker is serious about such a thing. If so, it would be genuinely funny if Fisker beat Elon Musk to the EV pickup market, especially considering Fisker was a design consultant on the Tesla Model S.

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