The BMW Z8 was and still is one of our favorite BMWs of all time. One would be tempted to say that it’s the James Bond association that gets people murmuring when discussing the Z8 but for us, the most important part of this car and the most appealing feature hides under the hood. That’s where you’ll find an S62 engine that is simply one of the best V8s ever made. And now, not just by the Bavarians, but the industry as a whole.

The Z8 also has other tricks up its sleeve, mainly having to do with its design. Inspired by the original 507, the Z8 is a modern-take on that timeless piece of art and comes with unique features, making extremely desirable. The fact that less than 6,000 of them were made also chips in to this desirable factor, making the Z8 a truly special experience all in its own way. It’s no surprise then that prices for these cars have gone up recently and will continue to do so, most likely.

The car we’re showing you today reached $162,000 at the time of writing, on a Bring-A-Trailer auction. It’s well deserving too, just by checking out the pictures. The Jet Black exterior seems impeccable as does the bright red leather inside. Everything looks pristine and the car only has 17,000 miles (27,000 kilometers) on the clock, one of the lowest-mileage models out there. Furthermore, this car had only one owner from the day it was made, back in 2000.

Is it worth the money? I think it is but there are still three days to go in this auction, and the price tag could go even higher. This could be considered a good investment for the future too. The car comes with the original sticker too which had it listed for just over $130,000. Therefore, not only did the owner not lose a penny while driving it for 17,000 miles, he could even get a nice profit out of it at the end of the day.