Giants fans know Henrik Fisker’s work quite well, as he designed one of the most beautiful cars in the brand’s history — the BMW Z8. When the Z8 debuted, it stunned BMW fans, and car enthusiasts in general, with its 507-inspired design. However, Fisker isn’t only known for his work with BMW, as he’s also designed some wonderful cars for Aston Martin. Fisker even has his own attempt at developing a car with his name on it; the Fisker Karma. However, that didn’t work out as well as he’d hoped but now he’s giving it another go, this time with his secret weapon — his wife Geeta Gupta-Fisker.

Geeta acts as the brand’s CFO, as she’s better with the financial side of the company than Henrik ever as. Because of that, it frees Henrik up to just be the creative one. So they both work together well, allowing each partner to play to their strengths.

Their new company, Fisker Inc., is now worth billions, despite not having launched a single car yet. However, Fisker Inc. does have a car in the works and one that will debut in 2022, the Fisker Ocean. The Ocean will be an electric SUV that will have around 250-300 miles and should start at around $38,000 before tax incentives.

If the Fiskers can deliver a car with those specs in the real world, it will be incredibly competitive. That would give it a price point lower than the Tesla Model Y, with a similar range. That would also throw a massive monkey wrench into the BMW iX’s plans, as it will offer similar range and size at a much, much lower price. There’s really no word on powertrain as of yet, but it’s said that the most powerful version will get from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. That’s likely not going to be the $38,000 model. Though, an 80 kWh battery pack is said to be available in the entry-level car

While that all seems a bit too good to be true, especially when you see how stylish the Ocean is, don’t count out a couple that want to build this car because they want to build it, not because they want big profits. “I never got into cars because of money. My mother wanted me to be a dentist.” said Henrik Fisker.

Henrik Fisker is an interesting man and one of the most respected in the automotive world. Now that he’s teamed up with his wife, it seems as if he might finally be able to make an impact on the industry with his own car.

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