I’ve been asked about my dream BMW a number of times and, to my surprise, my answer has never changed. I am still very much in love with the BMW Z8 and I think it’s one of the best cars ever to come from Munich. I also was fortunate enough to drive it last year and those days will be stuck in my mind for the remainder of my life.

I also happen to know that a lot of people share my admiration for the car. Otherwise, how could you explain the price tags used Z8 models have these days? Getting one in a good condition will often get the price tag into the six-figures territory, the kind of money you could easily spend on a modern-day, faster, more powerful car. It’s the same for this mint BMW Z8, found on Bring-a-Trailer, with the auction set to end in a day.

At the time of writing, the auction reached $129,000 and for that kind of money you could get yourself a BMW M8. And yet, of the two, I’d probably go for the 7,700-mile Z8. This is a part of history, only 524 units ever making it to the US in 2002. The thing is, while the car does have a rather low mileage indicated, it did have a bit of an issue back in 2014, when hard contact with a deer meant it had to go into the shop. Fortunately, the work done on it was flawless and you can’t really tell it was damaged.

The Titanium Silver model comes with red leather inside and the contrast is just mesmerizing. At 7,700 the S62 4.9-liter V8 under the hood is just starting off and I’m confident this car drives like the day it left the assembly line. As a potential investment it may also be worth your time, deer accident included.