As we’re all currently at home, celebrating the Holiday season however we can during these troubling times, some of us might’ve forgotten to get gifts for our loved ones. Others might feel like they need to compensate, as they got incredibly better gifts than they anticipated. Therefore, it might not be too late to bring you one very interesting gift idea, even though Christmas is almost gone. This Daytona Violet BMW E30 Touring might just be what you were looking for.

The car recently popped up on Facebook marketplace of all places, and it’s getting a lot of attention. However, you should know, from the get go, that the car is located in West Hills, California. Therefore, getting to it might be an issue if you don’t live relatively close to it. As for the car, it looks like it’s a fresh import straight from Germany, judging by the temporary license plates it has on. It’s a 1993 and there’s no mention of what kind of engine hides under the hood, unfortunately.

We do have a couple of pics of the engine bay but it’s hard to tell which specific mill it may be. What’s pretty obvious is that it’s a four-cylinder, not a straight six. That, combined with the tag on the shock mount, points to one of two possible engine choices: 316i or 318i. The former had 102 HP while the latter added 11 HP on top of that, so whichever it is, this won’t be a rocket down the road. Nevertheless, that’s not the biggest issue this car has.

As for the price, it’s $25,000 which is not exactly cheap, even if we’re talking about an E30 Touring. The biggest problem is that we don’t know exactly how many miles this engine piled on over the last 27 years. That may very well be the differentiator that makes this car a bargain or not.

[Via: Carscoops]