Over the last few years we’ve been using a large selection of WeatherTech products – From Floor Liners to Cargo Liners, and more recently CupFone smartphone holders. The Boolingbrook-based manufacturer has built a stellar reputation in the automotive world, so we decided to visit their Factory Store to learn more about the company and their products. Therefore, a few weeks ago, we spent some time with Pat Womack, WeatherTech President, at their Factory Store in Illinois.

As you can see in the video below, WeatherTech manufactures a wide variety of car products, but of course, they are best known for their floor mats and cargo liners. A few of us at BMWBLOG have been using those two products in our BMWs, as well in other car brands we own. If you live in the Midwest, or in the Snowbelt regions, the floor mats are a must. When you are walking to your car, you get snow and slush on your feet and definitely do not want that on your carpeted floor mats.

The mats are specifically made for your particular vehicle’s floor. And not just new models, but older ones as well, like an E30 3 Series. The edges of the WeatherTech mats reach up several centimeters all the way around, tuck into the edges of the footwells and go all the way up behind the pedals. The benefit of this is that when the snow and slush on my feet invariably melts on the floor under the pedals, the cupped sides keep the snowmelt from sliding over the edge and getting on the carpeted interior.

The WeatherTech Cargo Liner is equally useful. Our own Chuck Vossler is using his BMW X5 year round, including snowy weather as well as trips to the hardware store and pumpkin patch. He likes the Weather Tech Cargo Liner because it tucks into the corners and wedges without buckling. Some other trunk liners tend to slide around and their less grippy surface lets stuff shift and spill more. Weather Tech uses laser technology to measure the trunk of your BMW X5. The Cargo Liner has a lipped edge that will keep anything that gets spilled from coming in contact with your X5’s trunk. Another nice aspect is how grippy the trunk liner is when you set stuff on it.

Last but not least important, a WeatherTech product we’ve recently tested is the CupFone holder. The CupFone Two View in Chuck’s X3 allows for vertical or horizontal mounting of his smartphone. It also allows for easy adjustment for different size phones. Therefore, if you have other riders in your vehicle, they too can enjoy the benefits of using the CupFone on your drive. WeatherTech has notched the bottom of the holder so you can easily plug in the charging cord to keep your cellphone charged. The other benefit of the WeatherTech CupFone cellphone holder is that you do not need to take apart your BMW to install it.

The WeatherTech Factory Store in Boolingbrook, IL, is also quite unique. Firstly, it has been adapted to all the latest COVID-19 safety measures. The staff wears the WeatherTech-made FaceShields, there is proper social distancing and of course, they offer curbside pickup. Secondly, the WeatherTech Factory Store is pet-friendly. A nice touch, especially if you’re looking for some car products that revolve around traveling with pets.

If you’re not very handy, there are also installation services are available on site. If you would like your new products installed by a WeatherTech Professional, their team members on staff can take care of that. A wide range of product displays allow you to experience first-hand their products while a WeatherTech customer service employee can answer any questions you might have.

Since this is not your typical brick-and-mortar store, the WeatherTech facility comes with a barista who will be happy to make you a fresh beverage while you wait for your products to be packaged.

Of course, we live in some difficult times, so the experience might be scaled back to comply with all the latest state regulations, but nonetheless, the WeatherTech Factory Store should be on your list next time you visit Illinois.