Back in the mid ’90s, BMW wanted to go racing with the E36 M3 but needed to homologate it for the FIA and IMSA GT racing series’. The road car that came from that was the E36 BMW M3 GT, of which only 356 units were ever built. None of those 356 cars were originally sold in North America, making them even more rare here in the ‘States. The fact that Enthusiast Auto Group was able to get its hands on one is quite shocking and we’re thankful they shot this video of the ultra rare car.

The E36 BMW M3 GT is powered by a 3.0 liter S50 straight-six that makes 295 horsepower, versus the standard car’s 282 horsepower. It gets a five-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive, as the M Gods intended, and a killer rear wing. Also, all E36 GTs came in British Racing Green, which is just lovely.

Obviously, being an EA car, the E36 BMW M3 GT seen in this video is immaculate and probably the nicest one in North America, if there even are other ones. In the video, EAG’s Eric Keller walks you around the E36 M3 GT, shows off its kick-ass black/green interior and under the hood. You also get to see some other cars in the video but the focus is on the GT here.

More importantly, though, you get to see it drive. It’s not often any enthusiasts ever gets to see an E36 BMW M3 GT drive in the real world, as they’re just such rare cars, so this is a cool video for any BMW fan. You also get to hear that glorious, old-school inline-six engine making M Division inline-six engine noises. We often forget how good those old-school, metallic-sounding I6s sound and videos like this are always good reminders as to how great those classic cars were and still are.