E36 M3 GT

BMW E46 M3 CSL 5 750x500

VIDEO: Carfection’s Ultimate BMW M3 Group Test

Over the years, BMW M has put out several sort of ultimate-spec M3s, versions of the BMW M3 that were lighter, sharper, and more exciting to drive. All of them are revered by BMW enthusiasts…

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VIDEO: Imported E36 BMW M3 GT Seen at EAG

Back in the mid ’90s, BMW wanted to go racing with the E36 M3 but needed to homologate it for the FIA and IMSA GT racing series’. The road car that came from that was…

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Photoshoot with the iconic BMW E36 M3 GT

This 1995 BMW M3 GT is a very special car. BMW only made 356 examples and they were only sold in Europe, making the E36 M3 GT very rare. At first glance, the M3 GT is…

Photoshoot with the BMW E36 M3 GT

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Which looks better: BMW M4 GTS vs its predecessors

If you enjoy looking at mechanical art, simple mechanics with no added aesthetics, then cars like the BMW M4 GTS must tickle your fancy, as it does ours. The M4 GTS doesn’t look pretty, necessarily,…