E36 M3

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Which BMW M3 is for you?

BMW is officially celebrating the 50 Year anniversary of BMW M in 2022. This compels one to look back at one of the most iconic BMWs to have ever been graced by the M division…

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VIDEO: Is the E36 BMW M3 Making a Comeback?

Of all generations of BMW M3, it’s usually the E36-generation that’s considered to be the worst. It had the tall task of following the legendary and original E30 M3 but it also, unfortunately, became the…

VIDEO: The North American E36 M3 Was Actually a Hero

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Behind the scenes with iconic BMW Racing Cars

We recently had the chance to spend some time with BMW M in Palm Beach at the Palm Beach International Raceway, where we were fortunate to spend some time with the new BMW M3 and…

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VIDEO: Imported E36 BMW M3 GT Seen at EAG

Back in the mid ’90s, BMW wanted to go racing with the E36 M3 but needed to homologate it for the FIA and IMSA GT racing series’. The road car that came from that was…