E36 M3

BMW M3 GT E36 13 830x553

VIDEO: Imported E36 BMW M3 GT Seen at EAG

Back in the mid ’90s, BMW wanted to go racing with the E36 M3 but needed to homologate it for the FIA and IMSA GT racing series’. The road car that came from that was…

The E36 M3 was not just “another BMW”. It was so much more

Video: BMW E36 M3 Review Calls It a Gift from God

It’s quite amazing how a car made over 20 years ago can still cause such a stir in the online car communities. What makes it even more impressive is that it’s not a vintage Ferrari or…

E36 BMW M3 race track 3 750x500

E36 M3 gets interior painted by Maaco

If you’re planning on bringing your BMW to Maaco for a paint job, we’d strongly recommend you don’t. Every car enthusiast knows that Maaco isn’t the best idea, when it comes to painting a car….