E36 M3

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VIDEO: Is This S54-Swapped E36 M3 the Perfect M3?

As frustrating as the E36 M3 can be, from a reliability standpoint, there’s so much to love about it. For one, its looks. The E36 M3 Coupe has  wonderfully simple, squared-off edges, a slightly boxy…

VIDEO: Watch James Clay’s E36 BMW M3 Pikes Peak Run

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Which BMW M3 is for you?

BMW is officially celebrating the 50 Year anniversary of BMW M in 2022. This compels one to look back at one of the most iconic BMWs to have ever been graced by the M division…

e36 bmw m3 01 830x553

VIDEO: Is the E36 BMW M3 Making a Comeback?

Of all generations of BMW M3, it’s usually the E36-generation that’s considered to be the worst. It had the tall task of following the legendary and original E30 M3 but it also, unfortunately, became the…