The holiday season is upon us and, for families that celebrate Christmas, one of the most important household decorations is the Christmas tree. To me, personally, it’s the most important part of the whole season, as it completely transforms the house, giving it that special feeling. Since we’re a blog dedicated to cars, involving our automobiles in this season is inevitable and going for a run in one to procure said tree is part of our ritual. Just like the MINI Countryman in the video below does.

Each country has its own traditions and, if you live close to the Alps, you might find yourself going out to actually cut down a tree, if you own a bit of forest or some land. It’s what Jurgen Metz, from Munich, does in this video. Most of the time, Metz drives a classic Innocenti Mini and, while we do love the original, its compact size might be its downfall if you want a medium-sized tree for your home.

MINI Countryman Christmas Tree 32 830x554

Therefore, a MINI Countryman Cooper S took over, complete with all-wheel drive courtesy of the ALL4 system. This particular car also had optional roof bars installed and carriers to make sure the tree can be transported safely. Therefore, Metz set off into the hilly Eifel region where he was bound to find the perfect tree. However, as he got behind the wheel of the Countryman, he found the joy only a MINI can offer and got carried away, reaching Austria in the process.

One option here would be to go for Tyrol, where the Tyrolean Christmas Tree has become a brand over the last 25 years. Today, the name stands for a seal of quality that guarantees professional cultivation of the trees in a natural environment. That would be too easy though so he’s driving further, to the glacier skiing area of Solden, where trees are taken straight from the forest. Having found the perfect choice for his home, Jurgen can now return home, safely, with his MINI Countryman Cooper S.