Visiting Japan is truly an experience you have to have on you bucket list. There’s so much you can learn from the way things are done in Japan; there are many fascinating and enlightening cultural differences that make Japan truly unique. And of all the seasons in which you can go there, Autumn might be your best bet. That’s probably why Rolls-Royce decided to put together a clip showcasing the new Ghost on Japanese land in this beautiful season.

How many times have you seen pictures of trees covered in bright red leaves over time? Most of them are taken in Japan, where the maple tree has a specific color when it changes seasons. That bright red hue was perfect to put the Ghost in the spotlight, especially since the car in the video below is wearing silver on the outside. The red leaves have become a trademark of Japan by now and the autumnal colors are a draw for many visitors.

The footage was recorded in the charming mountain retreat of Nikko and describes a tradition that is known locally as ‘momiji-gari’ or, as the literal translation would put it ‘hunting red leaves’, deriving momiji (red leaves) and kari (hunting). It’s quite a spectacle to watch the trees change colors in Japan and not just during autumn but spring as well. I guess by now, you know what I’m referring to.

It’s those other popular pics you see every year from Japan, featuring the cherry blossom. During that time of year, the cherry trees create a spectacle of pink hues around the country. The cherry blossom season kicks off in the second week of March normally and lasts for about a week, but that will depend on the weather so you better check the forecast before making any plans. If you do visit, a Rolls-Royce Ghost should be the perfect car for a road trip.