The Rolls-Royce badge is normally associated with high-class and luxury. Only the richest of the rich gain access to it and, in the good old days, that amount of wealth also came with a certain age. That age implied that the owner had plenty of time to reach maturity and act a certain way. Nowadays, with companies reaching billion-dollar values a lot faster, things are changing.

It’s not just a preconception I might have, the numbers have been confirmed by Rolls-Royce too, when they unveiled the new Ghost. According to Rolls, people are becoming successful at younger ages these days and that translates into a younger demographic customer base for high-end luxuy cars. In turn, that implies a different type of behavior, and different selling points, when it comes to wooing this new generation into a Rolls-Royce.

It’s not like you would need a lot of convincing to buy such a car though, as they are often considered to the best luxury cars in the world. When it comes to the Ghost, the new model has been designed to attract that younger audience. However, as you’re about to see, the old one could easily be used for some fun time as well. The footage below was shot at a car meeting earlier this year and shows a Ghost doing a burnout; completely atypical Rolls-Royce behavior.

Considering the car has a massive V12 under the hood with nearly 600 HP to rely on, turning the rear tires into smoke and rubber particles is not a hard thing to do, especially considering the old Ghost is only rear-wheel drive. From the looks of things, this particular model seems to have been upgraded too, potentially with a Novitec body kit. The engine might’ve been fiddled with to get the output over 600 HP but that’s not a given.