Now that the new Rolls-Royce Ghost is finally out, we can take a closer look at the engineering process behind this luxury car. The new car comes with so many novelties, it’s hard to keep up. The point is: this is the most advanced Rolls-Royce ever made. This time round, the Ghost isn’t just focused on comfort but it’s pretty obvious driving pleasure was also kept in mind.

And this marks a first for the British company, making us very curious to see how their efforts pan out in the real world. The video below includes an interview with Jonathan Simms, the Engineering Lead that was in charge of the development process. According to him, the brief given to the team was pretty straightforward: make a car that’s good at everything. Basically, not only did they have to put together a comfortable Rolls but also a dynamic one.

As it turns out, the spaceframe architecture that Rolls-Royce developed for its cars, also known as the ‘Architecture of Luxury’, proved to be providential, as it allows a lot of leeway for the engineers when they set out for a specific goal. Apparently, the new front suspension was set up to remove as much energy transferred from the road as possible, to keep everyone inside as comfy as one could imagine. If we’re to believe Jonathan here, this would truly feel like flying.

Then the dynamic part of the ordeal came into focus. According to a survey carried out by Rolls-Royce among Ghost owners, most of them want to spend more time behind the wheel and enjoy their cars more. This is why the new Ghost comes with all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, both a premiere for the model. I’ll let Johnathan explain the rest, in the video below.